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Christophe Barwinek
Christophe BarwinekAuthor
I love to play ballet classes, and decided to put it online.
Thank you listening my music!

Christophe Barwinek

It’s all about ballet classes and music

I am pleased to invite you to visit my new website There you will find some informations about me, my work, my projects and the best of all – music for you.

Please register to receive my newsletter – if not already done -, you will regularly get informed about the latest music for your ballet classes and news. As a “thank you”, i will send you time to time some free music. You will find nearly all you need for your ballet classes.

You can already buy the 1st Volume Vol. 1 in iTunes or Amazon. Our you can listen and load the Vol. 1 teasers and Series 1 music out of our web site .

Hope you will enjoy my work and don’t hesitate contacting me for comments or any other subject.

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